My experience of the World so far…

I have always been fortunate that I have been able to go away on holiday, either with my family or with friends, most summer holidays. My parents have never been massive travellers but they have always enjoyed a week away with nice weather and a beautiful beach. So growing up I went on regular holidays to Spain, the Balearic Islands and also Italy. I have always been good with saving my money so whilst at University if an opportunity presented itself to me I was normally able to attend. This was first seen when I visited Hungary on a University exchange trip, learning the national sports while experiencing my first instances of being a traveller. The proceeding years I went away with friends to Greece twice, Spain via France twice (again) and also Bulgaria. It’s fair to say on these trips however I saw a lot more of empty bottles than I did the countries and culture.

As I came to the end of my university degree in earl 2014 I remember being sat in my friend Tommy’s living room. We were chatting about life after uni to which he mentioned he’d like to visit Australia. The seed was planted. It soon snowballed and we’d booked an appointment with the travel agent! We visited STA Travel and for the first time we had an idea of where else we wanted to go.

Thailand, Australia, Fiji and New Zealand (and 2 nights in UAE) were on the list!

Having originally just been the two of us, after a predrinks session before going out we now had a 3rd member of the soon to be ‘Trinity’ (a reference to an American preacher we went on to meet in Koh Samui), as another one of our mates Sam was now involved – just so long as he could borrow a bit of money!

October 29th soon came round after our graduation, and we were on board our first flight! It was by far the time of our lives and we talk about our adventures, stories, friends, near misses, nights out and much more almost every single day. I hope to chat about each country I visited in further detail as my blog develops.

My most recent adventure actually came in the weekend that has just passed. I rather spontaneously went to visit a friend I met in New Zealand, in Sweden. I only spent 3 nights in Scandinavia but I was fortunate enough to see a couple of cities in Sweden while also having a day in Denmark.

Including the UK, so far I have been able to visit 15 countries. My goal is to have seen 50 before my 26th birthday.


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