A Korean Holiday!

So as I mentioned in the previous post, during the Spring Festival a group consisting of myself and 7 of the other foreign teacher at EF would take a short 5 night holiday to the capital of South Korea, Seoul! 

We departed from Hefei airport at mid morning on Sunday 7th Feb. I think the flight only about 2 hours, so we were in Korea before we realised. My first impression was that the country was extremely efficient, clean, affordable and very easily accessible. I’d imagine it is the way China would like to become within the next 20/30 years. Having left the airport we took a straight 45 minute train to a region called Hongdae where our hostel was located. It was interesting as coming from the giant tower block jungle in China, this part of Seoul was busy but not at all overpowering in size. The highest building was no more than 3 storeys and the region seemed to have a very English influence. 

After checking in to the hostel we headed out for some authentic Korean BBQ – even if it was a little too spicy! Then on to a bar for a fair few drinks. 

The Monday was our first full day, so after some lunch (the food was spot on all week!) we went to Myeong Dong, where we planned to check out the N Seoul Tower. It was at the top of a small mountain which the old city walls ran up alongside. So we had a bit of history to pay a little attention to. Unfortunately it was bloody cold and the weather wasn’t the best, so our view from the top of the tower definitely could’ve been a bit clearer another day. But it was worth the trip nonetheless. 

The following day, we headed to Itaewon via the tube. We stayed in this part of the city for most of the day, visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace, taking a walk through the ground and learning about some Korean history. It was intended to be a quiet night in as the following day we had planned to trek up to Mount Bukhansen. However it was anything but!

The mountain was a short tube and bus journey from Hongdae. Turned out to be a quality day and the view from the top was completely unexpected! We were able to see across the entirety of Seoul! 

We headed back to Hongdae for some more Korean food and a few  drinks. 

Our last day in Korea was spent in Myeong Dong, a busy part shopping of Seoul. Inevitably had to buy some Korean fashion before we left! That evening was our most lively, we went one of the biggest clubs Octagon in Gangnam. Bloody good night. Was a change going to an actual club for a change. Didn’t approve of having to pay for entry and no free drinks however though! 

We flew back to Hefei on the Friday. Just a two hour flight and we were back ‘home’ before we knew it. A really good trip, a great city with so much to do. Would probably not go back as I always like to go to different countries and cities. But if definitely recommend anyone else to check it out!     

View from the top of the N Seoul Tower


N Seoul Tower by night


N Seoul Tower by day


Seoul squad selfie


Outside Gyeongbokgung Palace entrance


Inside the palace grounds


A big Buddah in Bukhansen national park


On top of Seoul


View from the top


A selfie from the summit of Bukhansen


Streets of Myeongdong


Traditional Korean BBQ



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