What’s new in Hefei?

Well it’s been a while since I’ve last posted! A lot has happened and I’ve been seriously busy I can’t believe where the time has gone. The Christmas decorations are up at school and our flat is looking very festive! 

So for the last few weeks I’ve been teaching a lot more classes, been busy in the office and also participating in one too many social events perhaps. I have about 6 of my own classes now which is being added to each week as new classes start up while other classes are being passed on by a couple of teachers who will be due to leave in the new year. 

Every day is different and I am so grateful that I’ve been given this amazing opportunity. My Chinese is coming along nicely now too. I had my third lesson yesterday and each day I try to use what I know as much as I can. It’s difficult but I’m really relishing it. It seems strange for me to be learning again after years out of education but because I know it is really going to benefit my life I can’t wait to challenge myself each time. 

We had planned to take a trip to Shanghai on the weekend just passed however my friend Cat, who’s idea it was to take the trip, unfortunately got sick and so we decided to postpone. Steven and I did have a productive day cleaning the flat from top to bottom though!

However a potential trip to Hong Kong has been pencilled in to coincide with the release of the new Star Wars! Incredibly the only country to not release it on the 17th Dec is China. We’d have to wait an extra 6 weeks! Plus I’m sure a Christmas trip to HK will be rather enjoyable. 

I’ve also began thinking about my spring break holiday. At present I’m thinking about taking about 5 days in Seoul, South Korea. My plan while being here in China is to use my 4 weeks holiday to see Japan, the Koreas and Taiwan. Then heading home travelling through the rest of South and South East Asia. Exciting times! 

Today I had a mixture of classes. Some tiny ‘Small Stars’ aged 3-4, a ‘High Flyer’ class aged 7-9 and a ‘Frontrunner’ class with students as old as 14. The old students’ class was an Open Door, where the parents are invited in to observe!


Tomorrow I have a similar day with a mixture of age groups.  I’m fortunate also in that I have an early finish before we meet with all the foreign teachers to welcome 3 new teachers to Hefei. We go again…

(Left this as a draft and posted it a few days later!)

Over the last few days I’ve been out and about in the city. Visiting the main pedestrian area of the city and also checking out the Tower of Lord Bao. 


At school we are busy preparing for all the Christmas festivities and have just finished making the decorations! 



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