Why start a blog?

I want this blog to be a place where I can document my adventures. Something others can read and learn from, enjoy and hopefully feel inspired!

So a little about me: I’m Dom, 23 years old, a qualified Personal Trainer with BA Hons in Physical Education, and owner of a developing Health & Fitness business. Having been born and raised on the Isle of Wight at the age of 18 I moved across the water to Chichester, West Sussex where I began my studies. After an amazing 4 years with memories for a lifetime I, alongside two of my best mates decided that we didn’t want to settle into a ‘normal job’ just yet and so persued the idea of backpacking.

I travelled what may be somewhat considered a common route; through Thailand, Australia and on to New Zealand via Fiji. Nevertheless I had one Hell of an incredible time doing some unforgettable things, having some unforgettable nights and ultimately meeting some unforgettable friends.

Having returned in March 2015 (on my 23rd Birthday!) I decided that perhaps that didn’t have to be the end of my travelling life and posted the question as to what if travelling could comprehend a career? Or at least an opportunity to work?



  1. Steve Weir · January 24, 2016

    Hi Dom
    I’m a teacher on the IOW. I will enjoy hearing about your adventures


    • domburbidge · February 3, 2016

      Thanks, always try to update as much as I can!


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